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I Can’t Resist

My heart skips
As I gently press against her moist lips
My fingertips tracing the curve of her hips
Taking sips of her intoxicating tricks
As our bodies eclipse
Our emotions mix
The pleasure it inflicts
Conflicts with addictive kicks
How could we let ourselves get into this
Tightening our grips
Sweat drips
In a state of bliss
Sinking into an abyss
Just one more kiss
I can’t resist


You Consume Me


You are my oxygen.

Every intake brings in a new freshness of you.


You are my breath.

Each exhale softly whispers your sweet name.


You are my fragrance.

The perfume of your spirit permeates my soul and invades my existence.


You consume me.


You are my wind.

The force that propels me to move forward when I believe I cannot.


You are my light.

Your mere existence in my life illuminates every dark corner and erases every shadow.


You are my touch.

You bring feeling to my numbness. Without you, I would feel nothing.


You consume me.


You are my sight.

The wonders that you open my eyes to continue to change me completely.


You are my voice.

You bring me out of my shell. Without you, I would never be heard.


You are my sound.

The sweet delicacies of harmonies and melodies found in the resonance of this world tickle my ears.


You consume me.


You are my water.

The incessant thirst that must be continually quenched.


You are my sustenance.

The insatiable appetite that causes me to devour your very essence.


You are my fire.

An immersive inferno set ablaze upon what was once brittle kindling but now rages like a passionate wildfire. An intense burning desire that can never be extinguished.


You consume me.


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

I Want You So Bad


I want you so bad, I feel it in every fiber of my being.

The exhilaration of having you near is absolutely freeing.


We’ll spend a lot of time together as we take it all in stride.

We’ll go one step at a time to ensure we both enjoy this ride.


Strangers will see how we carry on and think that we’re absurd.

I don’t care because you’ll know my innermost secrets without me ever uttering a word.


I long to caress you with my hands, committing to memory your every groove.

The way you make me feel drives me crazy: so sexy, so smooth.


Your tongue, your box, your very “low drop.”

My insatiable desires can’t be helped, they will never cease to stop.


Thinking about the things we’ll do together raises my excitability.

Not to mention the way you embrace me with your natural flexibility.


When I finally slide inside you, it will be a wonderful fit.

I’ll make you moan and groan, you’ll make me say, “Yeah baby, that’s it.”


Many wild adventures await us as I plan to get down and dirty.

What’s the magic number I’ll aim for each week? Maybe around thirty.


Through the dripping sweat and the heavy breathing, you still calm my nerves.

Especially when I bring to remembrance your soft upper body and the lace around your curves.


When my day is bad, you always seem to make it so much better.

After we’re done “working it out,” I’m drenched in sweat and you’re so much wetter.


Early morning or late night, anytime you’re on me you exhaust me.

As I continue to work you hard, you continue to caress me softly.


I need you so much, I can never say it enough.

Yes, I will handle you delicately, but I also look forward to tying you up.


I long to have you under me, pounding you for hours on end.

And every time we finish, I’m already looking forward to the next time we can do it again.


I hope to wear you out in time as you wear me out each day.

I love your faithfulness to be available for me, you make me better in every way.


There are many others out there, but you are the one I choose.

I’m anxious to have you soon, my beloved new running shoes.



Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth