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My Special Dark Chocolate

The fact that she’s black takes me back,
Like I’m stuck in rewind.
Luscious lips, grippable hips,
Damn! I love that plump behind.

Skin so soft so smooth so sweet,
I’d kiss every inch of that dark-skinned goddess,
From her head right down to her feet.

Now don’t get me wrong,
Light is quite alright.
But there’s something about that
Deep dark complexion that gets me craving…
That chocolate appetite!

I always did say:
I like my women how I like my steak…
Dark on the outside
Pink on the inside
And dripping juices all on my plate.


lonely night



raindrops tapping on my window

lightning flashing in the night’s sky

thunder resonating in the distance

a bottle of wine chilling at my side


this night would be complete

if only she were here with me


who is she

where could she be

no strings attached


I’ll be your connecting flight,

            Your subway through the night.


I’ll be your train ride between stations,

            A taxi to another destination.


I’ll be your ship sailing you across the sea,

            The life raft when your drowning in break-up misery.


I’ll be your temporary fling,

            When you need a temporary thing.


I’ll be your late night sleeping pill,

   Or when you have time to kill,

      Or if you just need a thrill,

         …do with me what you will.


No pressure. No ties. No hidden lies.

And if you need me to,

I can slip out in the middle of the night.


Emotions detached?

Interests mismatched?

It’s affable. This can be casual.


No strings attached.

I Love The Way She


I love the way she takes her time
as she runs her fingers across my spine

I love the way she grips me in her hands
and as she demands, my feature expands

I love the way she turns me over and over
and gives everyone else the cold shoulder

I love that she is my owner
But I can still control her

and so…

she sinks lower
as I get bolder
she loses her composure
as the climax gets closer
my intensity smolders
as her emotions expose her
I wish I could hold her
as we achieve closure

Our only reaction
is mutual satisfaction
as she gives me one last look

There’s nothing better in this world
than to know a girl
who loves to read a good book

© 2013 Andrew Hildreth

one drink and one glass


one drink and one glass

involved in one-sided chats

lonely Friday night


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[photo version on Tumblr]

as the curtain falls


as the curtain falls

the sad act of my play ends

no more encores here


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night eyes wide open


night eyes wide open

in the dark heart has spoken

midnight poetry


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taken for granted


taken for granted

it is more than just a kiss

loving reverence

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life is too precious

life is too precious

to let depression sink in

f**k it, be happy


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