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My Special Dark Chocolate

The fact that she’s black takes me back,
Like I’m stuck in rewind.
Luscious lips, grippable hips,
Damn! I love that plump behind.

Skin so soft so smooth so sweet,
I’d kiss every inch of that dark-skinned goddess,
From her head right down to her feet.

Now don’t get me wrong,
Light is quite alright.
But there’s something about that
Deep dark complexion that gets me craving…
That chocolate appetite!

I always did say:
I like my women how I like my steak…
Dark on the outside
Pink on the inside
And dripping juices all on my plate.


lonely night



raindrops tapping on my window

lightning flashing in the night’s sky

thunder resonating in the distance

a bottle of wine chilling at my side


this night would be complete

if only she were here with me


who is she

where could she be

love is deeply lost

love is deeply lost

a relationship’s dead end

I do can’t be said

[photo version on Tumblr]

I Can’t Resist

My heart skips
As I gently press against her moist lips
My fingertips tracing the curve of her hips
Taking sips of her intoxicating tricks
As our bodies eclipse
Our emotions mix
The pleasure it inflicts
Conflicts with addictive kicks
How could we let ourselves get into this
Tightening our grips
Sweat drips
In a state of bliss
Sinking into an abyss
Just one more kiss
I can’t resist

You Consume Me


You are my oxygen.

Every intake brings in a new freshness of you.


You are my breath.

Each exhale softly whispers your sweet name.


You are my fragrance.

The perfume of your spirit permeates my soul and invades my existence.


You consume me.


You are my wind.

The force that propels me to move forward when I believe I cannot.


You are my light.

Your mere existence in my life illuminates every dark corner and erases every shadow.


You are my touch.

You bring feeling to my numbness. Without you, I would feel nothing.


You consume me.


You are my sight.

The wonders that you open my eyes to continue to change me completely.


You are my voice.

You bring me out of my shell. Without you, I would never be heard.


You are my sound.

The sweet delicacies of harmonies and melodies found in the resonance of this world tickle my ears.


You consume me.


You are my water.

The incessant thirst that must be continually quenched.


You are my sustenance.

The insatiable appetite that causes me to devour your very essence.


You are my fire.

An immersive inferno set ablaze upon what was once brittle kindling but now rages like a passionate wildfire. An intense burning desire that can never be extinguished.


You consume me.


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Undying Love


12 years ago…

that’s when I met her, sitting on a bench in a park,

I instantly knew she was my soul mate with a fluttering of my heart.


11 minutes of silence…

lingered between us before a word was finally spoken,

but since that moment, our connection would never ever be broken.


10 years of marriage passed…

And I was to surprise her with a special anniversary night:

a special diamond bracelet because she was the special jewel that surrounded my life.


9 candles were burning…

then I was interrupted before I could light one more,

with that single flame missing, someone came knocking at my door.


8 gut-wrenching words…

spoken by the officer with compassion in his countenance,

I’ll never forget those words: Sir, your wife has been in an accident.


7 blocks from home…

that’s all she had left, she wasn’t very far,

but it was dark and raining and she never saw the other car.


6 times she rolled…

after the other driver slammed into her side,

when the paramedics arrived, they said she was lucky to still be alive.


5 hours of surgery…

my soul mate lying on a table, her life possibly fading,

I’m outside, alone… pacing, praying, hoping, waiting.


4 o’clock in the morning…

anticipating any possible updates or reports,

then I heard the doctor emerge from the operating room doors.


3 steps away…

that’s how far the doctor got before I saw the empty look in his eyes,

As he mouthed some words, I felt a numbing coldness rise.


2 inaudible words he muttered so softly,

but I knew what they were the moment he saw me.


2 inaudible words that brought me to my knees,

they echoed over and over in my mind: I’m sorry.


1 breath was all I could take, before

1 tear began to break, that

1 second of tormenting agony, I can never escape.


1 wish would make it right, removing

1 thought that haunts me every night, that

1 regret: why didn’t I just pick her up that night?


zero minutes go by…

where I don’t think of her, miss her, or love her.

She will forever be with me, and I will never ever forget her.


This is my…

Undying Love


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 212
For this week’s prompt, write a descending poem. You know the old saying, “Everything that ascends must descend.” Okay, maybe it goes a little different than that. Anyway, there’s a lot of stuff that descends. Find something and write it!

A Haiku

love and happiness

is a door that may be closed

but always unlocked


…a haiku by andrew found in Haiku Park

A Haiku

deep blue eyes gazing

making my heart to flutter

jealous I’m not him


…a haiku by andrew found in Haiku Park

Valentine’s Day Poem


Cupid’s Day comes with nobody to share,

Alone in my room I’m left to my own.

Me, myself and I, so full of despair,

I am the eye of a courting cyclone.


Standing quite still as life swirls around me,

Hope begins to fade, wishful turns bitter.

Cupid gives up on seizing my bounty,

I am his arrow left in the quiver.


But all is not lost to a thing so bleak,

Being single today has a bonus.

The praise of another I need not seek,

Sounds good until I notice the moment.


One thought stays that I’d like to get rid of:

Am I content with Losing Grip on love?


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Writing Prompt 02-12-2013
Write a Valentine’s Day poem of no more than 20 lines about spending a Valentine’s Day all by yourself. The only rules are that it must rhyme and the final line of the poem must include the title of your favorite song.

Song: Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne

An Evil Net


happy valentine’s day
oh, don’t you forget

or you’ll be riding solo
instead of singing a duet

feel the social pressure
of consumerism’s love roulette

buying all those gifts
and adding to your debt

just so you can avoid
making a certain someone upset

candy so sweet
it makes the stomach upset

flowers so pretty
that will soon die if left unkempt

cards full of words
reminiscing of how you first met

ha! society’s subtle pickpocket
call it what it is: theft

they say when and how
love should be expressed

on such a superficial holiday
making it more like a contest

a culture obsessed
feeling compressed
to show their best
cajoled to impress

and yet… rendered sightless

because we fail to realize that VALENTINE
is really spelled: 


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 210
For today’s prompt, I’ve actually got two options:
-Write a valentine poem.
-Write an anti-love poem.