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New Writing Project


MinecraftAvatar - Irwin C Etheridge

My name is Irwin Copernicus Etheridge. I am a Minecraft explorer for the Galactic Alliance of Minecraft Expeditions (GAME). We seek out new worlds for the purpose of discovery and exploration while adhering to the PMoC Act (Primitive Means of Crafting) in order to best preserve the natural sanctity and existence of the local planetary ecosystems.

Minecraft: Copernicus is a chronicling of my (mis)adventures on and off the various worlds of which I am in charge over.

Copyright © 2015 Andrew M. Hildreth


Just Walk Away


You done me wrong, I knew it all along,
I didn’t want to believe the truth.
My fear came true when I followed you,
On that one dark afternoon.

I told myself to walk away…
just walk away.

I saw you two meet at the end of the street,
He picked you up in his fancy ride.
A sensual kiss upon taken lips,
Causing me to stir inside.

I told myself to walk away…
just walk away.

At his place, you shared an embrace,
As your clothes scattered the floor.
The next sight broke me inside,
I couldn’t stand to see anymore.

I told myself to walk away…
just walk away.

I waited for his return after he took you home,
Then I knocked upon his door.
The look in his eyes gave no surprise,
Until he lay scattered on the floor.

I told myself to walk away…
just walk away.

I looked down at this man, gun in my hand,
His life was fading fast.
Blood pooling. Vengeance drooling.
What next? Take care of the other half.

I told myself to walk away…
just walk away.

You met your fate at the bottom of the lake,
A very grim price to pay.
You done me wrong, now you’re gone,
Now I can walk away…

just walk away.

Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 215
For this week’s prompt, write a walking poem. The poem can incorporate any type of walk or form of walking. That includes plays on ideas like the walking dead and dead man walking–or even a Johnny Cash “I Walk the Line” thing-a-ma-do and what-have-you. Keep walking the walk and talking the talk.

(Inspired by the song “Miriam” by Norah Jones)

Undying Love


12 years ago…

that’s when I met her, sitting on a bench in a park,

I instantly knew she was my soul mate with a fluttering of my heart.


11 minutes of silence…

lingered between us before a word was finally spoken,

but since that moment, our connection would never ever be broken.


10 years of marriage passed…

And I was to surprise her with a special anniversary night:

a special diamond bracelet because she was the special jewel that surrounded my life.


9 candles were burning…

then I was interrupted before I could light one more,

with that single flame missing, someone came knocking at my door.


8 gut-wrenching words…

spoken by the officer with compassion in his countenance,

I’ll never forget those words: Sir, your wife has been in an accident.


7 blocks from home…

that’s all she had left, she wasn’t very far,

but it was dark and raining and she never saw the other car.


6 times she rolled…

after the other driver slammed into her side,

when the paramedics arrived, they said she was lucky to still be alive.


5 hours of surgery…

my soul mate lying on a table, her life possibly fading,

I’m outside, alone… pacing, praying, hoping, waiting.


4 o’clock in the morning…

anticipating any possible updates or reports,

then I heard the doctor emerge from the operating room doors.


3 steps away…

that’s how far the doctor got before I saw the empty look in his eyes,

As he mouthed some words, I felt a numbing coldness rise.


2 inaudible words he muttered so softly,

but I knew what they were the moment he saw me.


2 inaudible words that brought me to my knees,

they echoed over and over in my mind: I’m sorry.


1 breath was all I could take, before

1 tear began to break, that

1 second of tormenting agony, I can never escape.


1 wish would make it right, removing

1 thought that haunts me every night, that

1 regret: why didn’t I just pick her up that night?


zero minutes go by…

where I don’t think of her, miss her, or love her.

She will forever be with me, and I will never ever forget her.


This is my…

Undying Love


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 212
For this week’s prompt, write a descending poem. You know the old saying, “Everything that ascends must descend.” Okay, maybe it goes a little different than that. Anyway, there’s a lot of stuff that descends. Find something and write it!

New Year’s Eve Letter From Future You

Writer’s Digest Writing Prompt: At exactly midnight on New Year’s Eve you receive an email labeled “Open Immediately.” The really strange thing is that the email is apparently from your future self. What does it say?
(500 words or fewer) (I did 600 words)

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WD Writing Prompt: Celebrity Fender Bender

While driving to pick up lunch, you accidentally bump into the car in front of you—a light fender bender—that pops open the other car’s trunk. When you get out to assess the damage, you notice that the driver of the other car is none other than your favorite actor. More important, you notice a dead body in the trunk. Who is the actor and what elaborate excuse does he give you to explain the dead body in his trunk?
(500 words or fewer)

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WD Writing Prompt: Footprints in the Snow

Directions: Write a short story of 750 words or fewer based on this prompt: A man who lives alone sees a set of footprints leading away from his house the morning after a heavy snowfall.

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Through the Valley and Over the Mountain

he ran and ran all across the land
moving his legs just as fast as he can
through the valley and over the mountain
he raced home just as the rumors began

he heaved and he heaved, trying to breath
holding on to a hope which he barely believed
through the valley and over the mountain
he was terribly afraid of what he might see

he bumped and jumped into branches and over stumps
fighting the pain and not giving up
through the valley and over the mountain
he stumbled and fell with crashing thumps

he cried as he tried to push away his pride
rising to his feet and continuing the stride
through the valley and over the mountain
he grew more afraid as he felt an emptying inside

he inhaled and exhaled up the mountain he scaled
slipping and sliding with much travail
through the valley and over the mountain
he slowed to its peak, his hopes soon derailed

at the top he stopped
to his knees he dropped
his muscles throbbed
as his body sobbed
through the valley
and over the mountain
the fires burned
his life … robbed

with each troubled step
he would hold a weeping breath
embers and ashes
floating like a web
through the valley
and over the mountain
he desperately wanted to disbelieve
the rumors that were said

his village covered in death
his vision filled with red
his life … stolen
his future … solemn
his family, his friends … all dead
he realizes now he has nothing left


the tightening of his flesh
the burning in his chest
growing obsessed, fully possessed
the sadness and misery … recessed
the anger and fury … expressed

alone and on his own
through the valleys
and over the mountains
he will continue to roam

the quest to avenge this horrible dread
will not end until
is put to death

WD: Writing Challenge

This is a writing challenge from the Writer’s Digest website.

Directions: In 25 words or fewer, write the opening sentence to a story incorporating these three words: fresh, hair and tangled.

I really felt the desire to write, so I decided to finish the story. The opening sentence is in bold, and the rest of the story follows. (I initially aimed for 500 words, then 750 words, then 1,000 words, then I said “screw it, just write!”)
Opening sentence: 25 words
Total words: 1,567 words

The smell of fresh blood filled my nose as I yanked my tangled hair from the gate, wondering: how’d I get into this mess again?

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