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New Writing Project


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My name is Irwin Copernicus Etheridge. I am a Minecraft explorer for the Galactic Alliance of Minecraft Expeditions (GAME). We seek out new worlds for the purpose of discovery and exploration while adhering to the PMoC Act (Primitive Means of Crafting) in order to best preserve the natural sanctity and existence of the local planetary ecosystems.

Minecraft: Copernicus is a chronicling of my (mis)adventures on and off the various worlds of which I am in charge over.

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What’s on my mind?

When I started this blog, it was going to be strictly a place for my finished writing projects—whether they be poems, short stories, fan fiction, or possibly longer works. It’s gone very well so far, but the thoughts inside my head are mounting and growing daily. Unfortunately, I’ve built walls around myself to shelter and seclude me from the outside world.

I wanted to be disconnected…
I wanted to be invisible…
I wanted to be a silent voice…

I wanted only my writings to exist.

I think I’ve come to my senses since then and realized that that is no way to live my life. Yes, my writings can—and hopefully will—exist, but the writer needs to exist as well. So, it’s time to come out from under the rock and rejoin society once again.

What’s this mean? I have thoughts I want to talk about. I have ideas I want to share. Even if no one reads it, I believe I still need to talk about them and let them out. Besides, I’m sure it will help me in my writing endeavors. If anything, it is a form of practice, right?

Okay, I think I’ve said a lot more than I initially intended to. In short, what I’m saying is that this blog will also contain more than my finished works. It will have some typical “blogging” type posts consisting of thoughts, ideas, and project updates.

So, what’s on your mind? What is it you’re wanting to talk about?


A part of me was a little bummed that I missed the beginning of NANOWRIMO this month. I know it’s only six days into it (and it’s better late than never), but the rest of me is actually okay with not participating in it this year. Yeah, 50,000 words is a HUGE number to reach in 30 days, but it’s more than that. I know it’s more for the experience, the practice, and initializing some sort of writing habit. I wouldn’t expect my story to be great; I’m sure it would downright suck. But, it’s not about making it great… it’s about making it exist—whatever it is.

Wow, I’m almost convincing myself to do it! But I won’t. I’m just getting back into my writing and especially my reading. I have a lot of reading I want to accomplish in the next couple months and I know if I commit to NANOWRIMO, my reading time will become non-existent. Instead, I will focus my time on my reading and work out some ideas for some upcoming projects.


Sarah’s Journal is a fan fiction novella I finished earlier this year. It focuses on a secondary character from the first two original books I Am Number Four and The Power of Six. I really wanted to make this story coexist with the originals, and I think it came out pretty well. Since then, the third book The Rise of Nine was released. After reading it, I initially came to the conclusion that if I wanted to continue the story, I would have to take an alternate universe approach. It seemed to be a difficult task to weave my story in with the original.

Usually when I get an idea for something, it won’t let go. Continuing the story was one of those ideas—especially seeing how I ended it. I loved intertwining my story with the original so much that it makes it difficult to abandon that particular aspect. In my opinion, it makes the story that much better. I thought I was stuck. I almost decided on not doing the sequel at all.

After letting the story simmer on the back burner for a couple days, ideas bubbled up that very well could support the sequel and its coexistence with the original writings. I’m still at odds with a few ideas but right now is all about brainstorming and considering all my possibilities for the story. Sometimes it can be a little frustrating, but at the same time fun also.

It’s all a work in progress.

Much like me… as a writer.

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