Seventeen Syllables

BookCover - Seventeen Syllables

A collection covering anything and everything.

drop of water drips
drips causing ripples to shift
cycle repeats … drip

deep blue eyes gazing
making my heart to flutter
jealous I’m not him

love and happiness
is a door that may be closed
but always unlocked

she’s the absolute
epitome of beauty
she’s Audrey Hepburn

to spin is vital
my addiction is primal
I must find vinyl

posting my poems
here for all the world to see
my heart on my sleeve

zombies inherit the earth
I run for my life

melted caramel
upon vanilla ice cream
I fancy your eyes

ink filled pages change my world
taking me beyond

last night is a blur
as I wake up next to her
now what did I do

no coincidence
all happens for a reason
accidental fate

vacant bed sheets lie
empty beside me am I
where are you my love

keeping my mouth shut
vengeful words ready to fly
holding back my tongue

by self-deprecating thoughts
value declining

grudges and regrets
draining time and energy
time to let them go

know before you speak
a word without facts is air
puffed up and weightless

leaving invisible wakes
footprints vanishing

put on a façade
outside you see only good
inside i’m dying

love is deeply lost
a relationship’s dead end
I do can’t be said

read this book of mine
discover my hopes and dreams
consume my pages

i’m up one minute
and then I’m down hard the next
bipolar’s a bitch

pendulums and springs
wheels move hands over a face
clock anatomy

life is too precious
to let depression sink in
f**k it, be happy

taken for granted
it is more than just a kiss
loving reverence

night eyes wide open
in the dark heart has spoken
midnight poetry

as the curtain falls
the sad act of my play ends
no more encores here


one drink and one glass
involved in one-sided chats
lonely Friday night

obstructed windows
stealing my faith of what’s there
look beyond the view

the Beast in me dwells
Beauty’s love will break the spell
who will be my Belle

double tapping it
i must really like you, huh
just Instagram sex

this poet suffers
my emotions bleeding out
as ink on the page

night’s reality
apparitions on eyelids
it was just a dream

more intimate woes
time to take another path
the celibate road

began as just friends
time had raised our affections
and we fell in love

passion’s been building
woe to her that breaks the dam
my love will drown her

gave you all of me
discarded, disregarded
hearts that beat can bleed

once a school grade crush
thoughts of her now make me blush
feeling resurfaced

don’t play with my heart
i’m not your marionette
these strings aren’t for you

fill my life with bliss
in the mere way you exist
perfect in my eyes

no makeup at all
true loveliness shows inside
natural beauty

lost in reverie
eyes locked, leaning in, lips poised
her kiss woke me up

i miss you, love you
thinking of you night and day
waiting to meet you

building walls again
keeping everyone out
and keeping me in

permanent tenant
can’t get you out of my mind
constant resident

in love with just you
or in love with the feeling
of being in love

temporary flame
a train ride between stations
i was a rebound

your safe, sweet embrace
the smile on your lovely face
i’m falling for you

my spotlight’s on you
illuminating my love
the star of my life

weeks and months passed by
never told you how i felt
wanting one more day

my mind is swarming
buzzing with needless musings
stinging perception

distinct from the world
march to my very own beat
little drummer boy

past present future
time can not limit my thoughts
these words that i write

the pressure is off
no more fear of rejection
terminal bachelor

here i am alive
through mistakes and obstacles
faithful redemption

is it fair or foul
life sends you back back back back
how will you respond

not thinking clearly
a mess of thoughts float around
a fog in my head

wearing my hoodie
i become invisible
a comfort cocoon

they see me each day
counting on my fingertips
just writing haiku

confined and reclined
with vines of security
afraid to embark

leave the comfort zone
escape the familiar nest
the world is waiting

needing to branch out
contentment breeds, pursuit leaves
experience life

time to spread my wings
let the wind carry my flight
outward and upward

chasing butterflies
still not able to catch one
get a bigger net

a long road ahead
it’s all about the journey
commit to travel

her kiss was magic
suspending its time into
infinite moments

lips so sweet and soft
kissing them would leave me lost
a delightful cost

simple as a kiss
how i miss something as this
my heart’s deepest wish

strangers in the midst
holding hands, hearing heartbeats
we shared our first kiss

thinking of that kiss
wishing it wasn’t the last
unreachable passed

an innocent kiss
birthed betrayal and deceit
silent love for cheap

two connected souls
grazing on the feed of life
always together

will i meet someone
i’ll let destiny decide

transparent am i
so revealing to the eye
now you see me, aye

self esteem is sh*t
why can’t i get over it
makes me want to quit

she’s out of my league
how do you know what she wants
give yourself a chance

what i want right now
may not be what’s best for me
death by impatience

eyes like vintage wine
and a smile that pauses time
i wish you were mine

eyes for only you
lovesome heart sent across time
ageless affection

life moving nonstop
immortalized through the lens
*click* time suspended


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