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I am built to run!

I don’t have the body of a model. I’m not built to pose in the pages of magazines, sell underwear from a billboard, or advertise cologne in a seductive or sensual way. Because… I am not a model.

I do have the body of a runner.

I am built for strength—not the kind that is measured by weights, but the kind that is measured by will.
I am built for endurance—not only to last physically, but also mentally.
I am built to survive—to endure the heat, to brave the cold, repel the rain, and withstand the wind.
I am built to persevere—where finishing is the only option and giving up does not exist.
I am built to overcome—when others see obstacles, I see opportunities of achievement.

I no longer care if society doesn’t accept my body image. I don’t need their acceptance.
I accept my body for what it is… what it does… what it represents… and for who I am.

Because… I am a runner.
And I am built to run!

The Runner Within


“Books are the best of things if well used; if abused, among the worst.”

People are a lot like books. Too many times we tend to judge a “book” by its cover not knowing what is written on the inside. It could contain the greatest story we’ve ever experienced or it could hold something special that could significantly change our lives for the better or just make our lives richer. It just takes a turn of the page to find out….

(Title quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson)

A notebook can be a clear…

A notebook can be a clearing in the forest of your life, a place where you can be alone and content as you play with outrage and wonder, details and gossip, language and dreams, plots and subplots, perceptions and small epiphanies.

Ralph Fletcher

A Quote….

Without death, life is meaningless. It is a story that can never be told. A song that can never be sung. For how would one finish it?

(from Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)