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As You Wish…


Copyright © 2014 by Simon & Schuster Audio

While perusing the available audiobooks from my library’s website, I came across As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride by Cary Elwes. The Princess Bride by William Goldman is my favorite book, and the film directed by Rob Reiner is among my all-time favorites, so my interest in this book was definitely high. The library had the ebook available but they didn’t carry the audiobook. My job provides me the ability to consume large amounts of audiobooks on a daily basis, so an audiobook would be my preference in this instance. Especially seeing that the audiobook would be narrated by Cary Elwes himself.


The website listed the audiobook as “not available” but contained a button to click on to recommend it to the library. I clicked on it and moved on, not giving it too much thought after that.

About a week later, to my surprise, I receive an email from the library that states that they have recently purchased the audiobook and that it is available for me to check out. I was shocked! They actually purchased this on my recommendation (and I’m sure the recommendations of others). I was excited! I quickly checked it out and downloaded the files to the audiobook app on my phone.

I was in the middle of another audiobook at the time and didn’t start it until the next day. When I did get to it, I had a couple hours left of work and with a 30-minute drive home, I calculated I could finish this book by the time I get home the next day.

As soon as Cary Elwes said the first few lines, I knew I would like—no, love!—this book. And I did! This book is an absolute treat to any Princess Bride fan. The stories and anecdotes and behind-the-scenes insights were a delicious delight. I especially loved all the parts that talked about Andre the Giant, these were my favorite pieces. Cary Elwes did an excellent job at narrating! His voice is very easy to listen to, and his emotions were easy to feel throughout his narration. I could easily listen to him read other audiobooks. Other cast members and directors also lent their voices to this audiobook which made it that much more entertaining.

Out of curiosity, I wondered if there were any other people waiting on this audiobook. I checked my library’s website and found 2 people on the waiting list. I thought that was incredible seeing that the audiobook just became available so recently. I finished about 30% of the book by the end of that first day and immediately knew I needed to own this. I went to on my phone and used one of my credits to purchase the audiobook. I went back to my listening app and immediately returned the audiobook back to the library; I didn’t want to deprive the next person in line of receiving this book as soon as possible. I went to and bought a paperback version of the book as well. I just had to have a physical copy! (Actually, they had a like-new hardcover version that I preferred and had in  my cart, but I waited to purchase it to add more books and get the free shipping. I later checked my cart and it was gone; someone bought it. They had a very-good hardcover version I added to my cart. Again, I waited. Again, I checked. Again, it was gone! The last hardcover they had was an ex-library copy which is fine with me. I had a lot of ex-library copies of book that I adore. Again… add to cart… checked later… and gone. I just didn’t learn after the first time. I went straight for the like-new paperback copy and purchased it immediately. I will still happy with it though.)

After finishing the audiobook that next day, I watched the film that evening after work and enjoyed it even more, viewing it with new eyes and a knowledge of what went into making this classic tale.

Thank you, William Goldman, for telling this timeless tale.
Thank you, Rob Reiner, for bringing this story to the screen.
Thank you, Cary Elwes, for sharing your experiences and stories about one of the greatest films I have ever seen.



My Special Dark Chocolate

The fact that she’s black takes me back,
Like I’m stuck in rewind.
Luscious lips, grippable hips,
Damn! I love that plump behind.

Skin so soft so smooth so sweet,
I’d kiss every inch of that dark-skinned goddess,
From her head right down to her feet.

Now don’t get me wrong,
Light is quite alright.
But there’s something about that
Deep dark complexion that gets me craving…
That chocolate appetite!

I always did say:
I like my women how I like my steak…
Dark on the outside
Pink on the inside
And dripping juices all on my plate.

lonely night



raindrops tapping on my window

lightning flashing in the night’s sky

thunder resonating in the distance

a bottle of wine chilling at my side


this night would be complete

if only she were here with me


who is she

where could she be

distinct from the world


distinct from the world

march to my very own beat

little drummer boy


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my mind is swarming


my mind is swarming

buzzing with needless musings

stinging perception

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weeks and months passed by


weeks and months passed by

never told you how i felt

wanting one more day


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permanent tenant


permanent tenant

can’t get you out of my mind

constant resident

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building walls again

building walls again

keeping everyone out

and keeping me in


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once a school grade crush


once a school grade crush

thoughts of her now make me blush

feelings resurfaced

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leaving invisible wakes

footprints vanishing


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