2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 26

For today’s prompt, write a casting poem. Casting can take on several meanings, including casting a spell, casting a line (such as in fishing), casting the actors in a play, and I suppose even the act of creating a cast.



An incantation to bring divine inspiration

To pen marvelous poems without any hesitation.

It is time to unbind your mind,

Now carefully… recite each line:


A grain of salt, a grain of sand,

A grain of honesty from an honest man.


A tear from a phoenix, a tear from a dove,

A tear from someone’s recent broken love.


The sight of the blind, the hearing of the deaf,

The riches of a poor man who has nothing left.


A drop of blood, a drop of rain,

A drop of your worst remembered pain.


A shot of lies, a shot of truth,

A shot to your heart when it wasn’t bulletproof.


The pin prick of a needle, the slice of a razor blade,

The memories of every single mistake you ever made.


The love of a friend, the hate of an enemy,

The heated intensity of a lover’s jealousy.


The eyes of a hawk, the ears of an owl,

The omniscient presence of an all-knowing power.


The barbs of a quill, the smear of spilled ink,

The paper that awaits the thoughts that you think.


From the top of my head, to the soles of my feet,

I now declare this spell complete.


Several seconds passed, and then several more,

I didn’t feel anything, just the same as before.

The words were correct, my intentions direct,

And yet… the spell did not take effect.


Time went by before I realized,

It wasn’t the incantation, it was me… inside.

I failed to see the natural ability

To express myself openly and freely.


And then suddenly, it dawned on me,

Like a voice that spoke directly to me:


There is no magic in the spell you cast,

Because whatever inspiration you seek…


you already have.

Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth


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