2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 22

For today’s prompt, write a complex poem. Complex is a complex word that can refer to mental state, apartments, difficulty of a situation, and so many other complex situations.

Human complexity is a commodity in today’s society.

The diversity is a necessity to exercise our minds perfectly.


Too many times people fall into an place of complacency.

They act without thought and the mind loses efficiency.


We think we want it simple.

We think we want it easy.

But thinking and discerning, my friend

Are already complex entities.


This poem, for instance, follows a certain grammatical procedure.

But take it a step further and let’s complicate the structure.


Normally we read left to right just like this.

.bit little a for left to right go let’s Now


.discern to hard and strange it’s first At

.learn to begin you lines few a after But


.do to needs it what to adapt will mind Your

.amused hopefully then confused first At


I hope you can see that we’re back to normalcy.

Now let’s change the view and drop a vowel or two.


Y?ur m?nd w?ll perce?ve what ?t sh?uld see,

F?ll?ng ?n the letters w?th m?derate ease.


Just a way to explore,

The mind’s apprehension.

We said it before,

And I’ll help you say it again:


Human __________ is a _________ in today’s _______.

The _________ is a _________ to exercise our minds _________.


(Now, did you look back up to see?

Or did you repeat it from memory?)


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth


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