2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 14

For today’s prompt, write a sonnet. For those who are not familiar with the sonnet, it’s a 14-line poem that rhymes. Some contemporary sonnet-eers even ditch the rhymes and just write a 14-line poem. Go with whatever feels right.

when anger besets itself upon me

I am certain that you will pull me through

calming the beast within masterfully

your soothing way changes my point of view


when the claws of depression sink in too

and hope seems like a distant fading light

you illuminate the flare and undue

the dark shadows and make everything bright


and when all is great and going just right

you always find ways to make it better

filling my cup with an enriching life

your memories bathe my mind forever


music is a wonderfully live thing

causing me to dance and my heart to sing


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth


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Fiction writer. Vinyl collector. Coffee drinker. Book reader. Music lover. Neat freak. Bookworm. Introvert. Thinker. Poet. ISTJ. View all posts by HandHeldWriter

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