2013 April PAD Challenge: Day 03

For today’s prompt, write a tentative poem. The poem could be about a tentative date, a tentative person, a tentative situation. The narrator could be tentative. The subject could be tentative.

With pen in hand,
    And paper upon the table.
I am to write this poem,
    If at all able.

A tentative poem is the prompt,
    Do I even really know what that means?
I believe I’m quite stumped,
    At least that’s how it seems.

Where is my motivation?
    Where is the inspiration at?
Ugh, I need to just write something,
    Even if it comes out like crap.

No, no… I can’t,
    I just can’t do that.
Quality is important,
    And poetry is where my heart is at.

I can write about books,
    And how they send me into euphoria.
But what’s that got to do with tentative?
    I have no idea.

I could write about writing,
    Is that too redundant?
Yoo-hoo… Hello…
    Can we get back to the topic?

Have I lost my creativity?
    Why do I feel so uncertain?
I just look forward to tomorrow,
    So today’s challenge won’t be a burden.

I look upon the horizon,
    And what dost thou to mine eyes perceive?
OMG, why the hell am I talking like that?
    This is not Shakespearean poetry.

Get a hold of yourself,
    It’s not that bad.
Let’s just start over,
    With a new page on my legal pad.

Ignore the crumpled ideas,
    That lay in a pile to the side.
Take a deep breath and relax,
    And just clear your mind.

With pen in hand,
    And paper upon the table.
I am to write this poem,
    If at all able.

Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth


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