You Consume Me


You are my oxygen.

Every intake brings in a new freshness of you.


You are my breath.

Each exhale softly whispers your sweet name.


You are my fragrance.

The perfume of your spirit permeates my soul and invades my existence.


You consume me.


You are my wind.

The force that propels me to move forward when I believe I cannot.


You are my light.

Your mere existence in my life illuminates every dark corner and erases every shadow.


You are my touch.

You bring feeling to my numbness. Without you, I would feel nothing.


You consume me.


You are my sight.

The wonders that you open my eyes to continue to change me completely.


You are my voice.

You bring me out of my shell. Without you, I would never be heard.


You are my sound.

The sweet delicacies of harmonies and melodies found in the resonance of this world tickle my ears.


You consume me.


You are my water.

The incessant thirst that must be continually quenched.


You are my sustenance.

The insatiable appetite that causes me to devour your very essence.


You are my fire.

An immersive inferno set ablaze upon what was once brittle kindling but now rages like a passionate wildfire. An intense burning desire that can never be extinguished.


You consume me.


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth


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Fiction writer. Vinyl collector. Coffee drinker. Book reader. Music lover. Neat freak. Bookworm. Introvert. Thinker. Poet. ISTJ. View all posts by HandHeldWriter

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