Knock On Wood


When I wish and want for things to come true and are good,

I just knock on wood.




that my kids would grow up in a nice and safe neighborhood;

[knock on wood]


that people would be kind and decent like I know they could;

[knock on wood]


that the rich would give to the poor like a modern day Robin Hood;

[knock on wood]


that people would respect one another like we know they should;

[knock on wood]


and that we would see that life is really simple,

and we could go through it without being misunderstood…


knock on wood.


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 312
For today’s prompt, write a knock on wood poem. This might be about a situation that should happen or hopefully will happen. Or I guess it could even involve someone (or something) actually knocking on wood–a table, a door, a window pane, etc. Per usual, feel free to get creative with it.


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