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Breath of Passion


I would be wrapped around your body so tightly,

breathing would not even be an issue.


It wouldn’t be a thought in your mind.


Your mind would already be a thousand miles away,

racing to try and grasp the tiniest foothold of anything

that would keep it from spinning out of control.


And just when your body had received its due satisfaction,

you would come crashing down back to earth,

causing you to gasp for that first chance of air.


But the air you consumed before

fails in comparison to the breath you take now.


This air is fresher.

This air is cleaner.

This air is pure.

This air is satisfying.


Because that’s what the air is like

on the other side of heaven.


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth


Books Are Heaven

Books are heaven

sprawled out on endless pages

covered in indelible ink

woven in masterful fashions

surrounded by an engulfing cover

and held together by a strong spine


Books transform you from one realm to the next.

Books cause you to explore your innermost depths.


Books make you bleed.

Books help you heal.

Books make you breathe.

Books help you feel.


Books are heaven sent.


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

You Consume Me


You are my oxygen.

Every intake brings in a new freshness of you.


You are my breath.

Each exhale softly whispers your sweet name.


You are my fragrance.

The perfume of your spirit permeates my soul and invades my existence.


You consume me.


You are my wind.

The force that propels me to move forward when I believe I cannot.


You are my light.

Your mere existence in my life illuminates every dark corner and erases every shadow.


You are my touch.

You bring feeling to my numbness. Without you, I would feel nothing.


You consume me.


You are my sight.

The wonders that you open my eyes to continue to change me completely.


You are my voice.

You bring me out of my shell. Without you, I would never be heard.


You are my sound.

The sweet delicacies of harmonies and melodies found in the resonance of this world tickle my ears.


You consume me.


You are my water.

The incessant thirst that must be continually quenched.


You are my sustenance.

The insatiable appetite that causes me to devour your very essence.


You are my fire.

An immersive inferno set ablaze upon what was once brittle kindling but now rages like a passionate wildfire. An intense burning desire that can never be extinguished.


You consume me.


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

The Last


A drip, then a drop, so I replace its top.
The last of the milk is gone,
Now my Rice Krispies won’t pop.

I must revive my body, so I make some coffee.
The last filter tears in half,
Dammit, now I have to go shopping.

Speeding past the limit, I see the ferry in the distance.
The last boat just left,
Now I have to wait another 30 minutes.

Finally at the store, “Cash Only” on the door.
The last of my cash already spent,
Now I must hit the ATM next door.

My PIN numbers pressed, I begin to feel stressed.
The last of its money is gone,
“Sorry. Your Transaction Cannot Be Processed.”

A sigh, then a laugh, I head back to my flat.
The last of the gas runs out,
Now it can’t get any worse than that.

With a can in hand,
And no cash for gas,
I finally reach the station,
Realizing the worst has come to pass.

My thoughts obscene, I just want to scream.
The last place I used my card?
Oh yeah, probably still in the ATM machine.

Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 216
For today’s prompt, write a poem based on the idea of the last of something. Could be a person, place, thing. The last cookie. The last turn. The last star fighter (my brother may be the last person who gets that reference). Just write your last poem (or poems) before April gets rolling.




Words that when you string them together,
combine to give you an image.

An image that stimulates your mind.

A mind that transfers that into a
carnal passion that overwhelms the initial hunger.

A hunger that will never be quenched.

A quenchableness that will always be fed.
Only by words.


Just Walk Away


You done me wrong, I knew it all along,
I didn’t want to believe the truth.
My fear came true when I followed you,
On that one dark afternoon.

I told myself to walk away…
just walk away.

I saw you two meet at the end of the street,
He picked you up in his fancy ride.
A sensual kiss upon taken lips,
Causing me to stir inside.

I told myself to walk away…
just walk away.

At his place, you shared an embrace,
As your clothes scattered the floor.
The next sight broke me inside,
I couldn’t stand to see anymore.

I told myself to walk away…
just walk away.

I waited for his return after he took you home,
Then I knocked upon his door.
The look in his eyes gave no surprise,
Until he lay scattered on the floor.

I told myself to walk away…
just walk away.

I looked down at this man, gun in my hand,
His life was fading fast.
Blood pooling. Vengeance drooling.
What next? Take care of the other half.

I told myself to walk away…
just walk away.

You met your fate at the bottom of the lake,
A very grim price to pay.
You done me wrong, now you’re gone,
Now I can walk away…

just walk away.

Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 215
For this week’s prompt, write a walking poem. The poem can incorporate any type of walk or form of walking. That includes plays on ideas like the walking dead and dead man walking–or even a Johnny Cash “I Walk the Line” thing-a-ma-do and what-have-you. Keep walking the walk and talking the talk.

(Inspired by the song “Miriam” by Norah Jones)

Knock On Wood


When I wish and want for things to come true and are good,

I just knock on wood.




that my kids would grow up in a nice and safe neighborhood;

[knock on wood]


that people would be kind and decent like I know they could;

[knock on wood]


that the rich would give to the poor like a modern day Robin Hood;

[knock on wood]


that people would respect one another like we know they should;

[knock on wood]


and that we would see that life is really simple,

and we could go through it without being misunderstood…


knock on wood.


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 312
For today’s prompt, write a knock on wood poem. This might be about a situation that should happen or hopefully will happen. Or I guess it could even involve someone (or something) actually knocking on wood–a table, a door, a window pane, etc. Per usual, feel free to get creative with it.

A Haiku

to spin is vital

my addiction is primal

I must find vinyl


…a haiku by andrew found in Haiku Park

A Haiku

she’s the absolute

epitome of beauty

she’s Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's - 009

…a haiku by andrew found in Haiku Park