Writing Update: The Title, The Story, The Plan, The Cover

I am so glad that I’m finally getting this post done! I’ve been meaning to do it for the longest time but just never was able to really get around to it. This is the first update to my current writing project. It will be another fan fiction story based on all—yes, I said ALL—the I Am Number Four books (or Lorien Legacies) by Pittacus Lore.

This story will be a continuation of my first fan fiction story, The Lost Files: Sarah’s Journal, that was written last year. Although I left the story a little open at the end, I wasn’t quite sure I would continue it. After reading The Rise Of Nine, I was fairly certain I wasn’t going to continue it. You see, Sarah’s Journal was written to coexist with all the original writings. It wasn’t a fan fiction story that took place in an alternate universe; it was written like an add-on to the books by Pittacus Lore. After reading The Rise Of Nine, I wasn’t sure I could continue that continuity. But… after some time—and a lot of thinking and brainstorming—the ideas began to roll in, and I was back on task to continue the story. So, let’s hit some key points about the next story.

The Title
It’s funny, halfway through Sarah’s Journal, I had already thought of a title for the next story—if there was going to be a next one. The title stayed with me since then and even now, I love it that much more. It even sticks with the play on words that Pittacus Lore has used with the last two books, The Power Of Six and The Rise Of Nine. Although, it will keep the “The Lost Files” part of the title seeing that it is written as an add-on to the original works. The title will be: The Courage Of One.

The Story
Now I believe that Pittacus Lore’s last two titles did not refer to Number Six or Number Nine, respectively. I believe it referred to amounts versus a specific individual. The Courage Of One is also similar but plays on a little more than just that. It will undoubtedly cover Sarah Hart’s story; she is still the protagonist. But the story will include more background on a couple other characters, one of them being Gloria Ducei. The other… well, let’s just wait until that’s revealed in the story. As mentioned before, this story can—and is intended to—coexist with all the original writings, including all The Lost Files writings.

The Plan
Last year, Sarah’s Journal took 6 months to complete—from conception to completion. I really hope this one does not happen like that; I don’t think it will. That was my very first real writing project, and I really had no clue what I was doing or what to expect. At least this time around, I know what to expect… a little. Fortunately, that six month experience included rereading the original books and a lot of note taking. This time around, most of my notes are already done. The plan is to start this week on getting my thoughts (scribbled on note cards) in order and get the zero draft completed. As with any writing project, the beginning is always the hardest. Last year’s endeavor was lengthened a lot due to my incessant tendency to edit and revise while writing the draft. My biggest problem was trying to write a final draft on the first pass. LOL! Like I said: I had no clue what I was doing. My aim now is to get a working draft down and go from there. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I just need to get it started and in existence.

One other thing… unfortunately for those interested in reading the story, you will have to wait until the entire story is complete and final. Unlike most fan fiction stories uploaded to sites like Wattpad or FanFiction, I cannot upload a chapter at a time as I go. I’m certainly no “one shot” writer—even my short stories take on changes and revisions before I finish them. I know how I write and what I expect from myself as a writer to know that I will want it close to perfection and that I’m sure changes will be made. Sarah’s Journal was a great example of that. By the time I was writing the last chapters, the story had changed so much that I needed to go back and do a lot of revising to fit in the necessary elements required to make the story flow correctly. And in all honesty, I’m glad I did it that way because the story would not be what is today; I would have regretted leaving out the new story lines and/or making readers go back and reread sections if changes were made after posting. Be rest assured, I will do my absolute hardest to get this story completed and posted before the fourth installment of the I Am Number Four series is released. And if my sources are up to date, The Fall Of Five is scheduled to be released in August 2013. I would hope I get it completed well before that. Of all things, I’m really—I mean REALLY—anxious to get this story out and get busy writing again.

The Cover
Normally this probably shouldn’t be a big deal, but I love covers. I even did one for Sarah’s Journal. It wasn’t spectacular or anything, just basic really. I even redid it when I did the cover for The Courage Of One to match it better. I usually don’t like having pictures of people on the covers because it takes away some imagination when reading it. When I see a movie before reading the book, I tend to visualize the actors as the characters versus creating my own image of them. Anyway in this case, I really wanted to convey the point that The Courage Of One is not specifically about Number One—as the title may suggest—or just about one person but instead the three characters I mentioned earlier. I’m a big fan of silhouettes, so I thought this would be the way to go….

BookCover - IANF-TLF-The Courage Of One (1)

(Yes, if you look closely, I did leave a little detail in the silhouettes; I didn’t completely black-out the pictures. Hopefully this still holds a little mystery to things.)

So, that’s it for now. I will try to post updates as to how progress is being made. All updates will be made through this blog, but I will post links on Wattpad and Fanfiction if that is where you follow the story. All updates for this story will be in the “Writing Updates” and “Fan Fiction” categories for easier access. And definitely feel free to follow this blog if you’d like.

And above all… thank you for your interest and support in these stories! It’s always nice to share your stories with others, and I love sharing this one. It’s amazing how much I’ve grown attached to the story and the characters.

Thank you again!

Happy reading!


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