I never knew what all the fuss was about,

until I saw her in the moon’s black and white rays.


I never knew that such elegance could pour out,

from a timeless age, bathed in hues of grey.


In an era before mine, she’s graced the silver screens,

lending her talent to the cinematic stage.


Was I born too late to appreciate those classic scenes?

I think not. I sense a growing fondness that just won’t fade.


She speaks with delicacy, a voice like a symphony,

I soak up each note, each tone of every word.


Captivated by her beauty, easily, visually,

But equally audibly, by what my ears have heard.


Those wide, brown eyes and such a lovely smile,

It’s clear how she stole many hearts decades before.


Adorably charming, alluring, and a natural, graceful style.

My goodness, Audrey…

they sure don’t make them like you anymore.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina (1954)



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