Animal Poem


I am huge and aloof
And somewhat waterproof
And to tell you the truth
I was even big in my youth

I sleep while standing
Dangerous for my trampling
The distances I can travel
Are truly outstanding

Intelligence is a trait
That I possess so great
I also eat a lot
But in no way overweight

My ears make me famous
Although in a way not shameless
Because of a fictional character
Who shall remain nameless

I have a great memory
I’m desired for my ivory
My skin is quite leathery
I’ve been around since early centuries

I carry a trunk
That contains no junk
Some say it should point up
To bring about good luck

I am the largest mammal
Of all land based animals
My versatile appendage is impressive
With all that it can handle

We are socially blessed
We like to touch and caress
We care for our injured
And grieve for our dead

The wild is our native nest
In zoos we feel compressed
So now I must digress
So I can express
Perhaps suggest

Please free us
And return us
To our natural inhabitance

The Elephants


Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth

Wednesday Poetry Prompt: 209
For this week’s prompt, write a poem somehow influenced by an animal. The animal could be the title of the poem, the subject of the poem, a bit part in the poem. Dive into what it means to be animal or non-animal.


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