The Awakening Kiss


Her blonde hair fell straight, framing her delicate face.

Her eyes, soft and blue, held me still as she came into view.

As my heart flipped over and over,

I grew anxious as she drew closer.


Her eyes were locked-in.

My mind was rocking.

Her body was stalking.

My eyes were gawking.


Her approached slowed, as she moved in close.

Her smile was warm as it caused my insides to storm.

Without a sound or utter of word,

She came up to me, her breath was all I heard.


Her purpose was flawless.

My body was nervous.

Her presence was gorgeous.

My mind was thoughtless.


What she did next, caught me totally off-guard,

She pressed her lips against mine, firm but not too hard.


Her lips were soft and wet, a remembrance I will never forget,

Time stood still in those moments our mouths intimately met.


When she stepped back, I guided her back under,

One kiss was not enough, I had to have another.


The second was even sweeter than the first,

Something I didn’t think was possible,

Then I awoke from my sleep and realized:

The kiss was just that volatile.


As the minutes continued counting,

I lay in bed, confounding,

My mind vividly recounting,

A kiss that was so astounding.


Even now as I think of this dream, my heart starts pounding.

I wonder if I will ever experience this awake…

I’m wishful, but still doubting.

Copyright © 2013 Andrew Hildreth


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