I am built to run!

I don’t have the body of a model. I’m not built to pose in the pages of magazines, sell underwear from a billboard, or advertise cologne in a seductive or sensual way. Because… I am not a model.

I do have the body of a runner.

I am built for strength—not the kind that is measured by weights, but the kind that is measured by will.
I am built for endurance—not only to last physically, but also mentally.
I am built to survive—to endure the heat, to brave the cold, repel the rain, and withstand the wind.
I am built to persevere—where finishing is the only option and giving up does not exist.
I am built to overcome—when others see obstacles, I see opportunities of achievement.

I no longer care if society doesn’t accept my body image. I don’t need their acceptance.
I accept my body for what it is… what it does… what it represents… and for who I am.

Because… I am a runner.
And I am built to run!

The Runner Within


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