What Is It


Have you ever wanted something so bad, you started to despise it?

But every time you closed your eyes, you would still visualize it?

If you had the chance to get rid of it, you would advise it?

Convince yourself you don’t want it only not to buy it?

So then you fill its void, somehow to disguise it?

Find a hidden flaw, maybe to compromise it?

So desperately high for it, you’d lie for it?

Missing it deeply, you secretly cry for it?

You rely on it, so you vie for it?

You need it, so you try for it?

You want it so bad that you would be willing to die for it?

What is it?
And is it worth it?


Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth


About HandHeldWriter

Fiction writer. Vinyl collector. Coffee drinker. Book reader. Music lover. Neat freak. Bookworm. Introvert. Thinker. Poet. ISTJ. View all posts by HandHeldWriter

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