A Better Version of Me


Why do we do it? Why do we go out there day in and day out and push ourselves? Pushing our bodies to the limit… to the redline. And then, pushing them even farther to the point of exhaustion… to the point of nausea… to the point of breaking.

Then I realized: It’s not my body I’m trying to break… it’s the boundaries I automatically assume that exist keeping me in place. That’s what I’m trying to break. When I push hard and when I go long, I’m breaking through the boundaries that limit me to my present… that limit me to my average self. My potential lies on the other side of that barrier, and I have to break through in order to reach it.

Now will I ever reach my potential? No. I know this. Then why try? Because that is what keeps me hungry… that is what keeps me driving forward. And just when I think I’ve reached my potential, it gets pushed out a little farther forcing me to go hard… to go forward in order to reach it. I know I will never reach it but that doesn’t mean I will ever quit trying.

I know there is a better version of me out there, so I go out each and every day and go hard… go long… go forward to try and reach him… try to become him. And just when I’ve arrived, I locate the next barrier, focus on the other side, and smash through!

I’m moving forward…
I’m never quitting…
I’m never giving up…
From life to love to fitness…
I’m becoming that better version of me.


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