What’s Your Favorite Color and Why? What Do Colors Mean to You?


Orange for this guy. Don’t ask why, it’s not really known.

I think maybe because it looks pretty decent against my skin tone.

It used to be blue; the normal hue. But that was way too popular.

I like being different and unique, and not just another commoner.

Sometimes black. I do like that. It’s great with almost everything.

I like to mix it: black & red, black & orange, and black & green.

I had to let go of black & yellow, much to my heartfelt sorrow.

Because of a song by Wiz Khalifa, it ruined that color combo.


To me, color is vigorously vital, vivacious, vivid, and vibrant.

Without it in the world, it’s like a symphony that was silent.

It’s the lifeblood and liveliness of the essence of life.

Without these kaleidoscopic colors,

Everything would just be

black and white.

Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth


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