Does the Weather Influence You?


Since 90% of the time I’m outdoors on the job,
I would say the weather definitely influences me a lot.

I love the rain when I’m inside, watching and listening to it,
I hate getting soaked, even in rain gear, when out working in it.

I love the cold when I’m inside, wearing sweats by the crackling fire,
I hate shivering, frozen fingertips, and working in all that winter attire.

I love the heat and the nice people I meet,
when chillin’ and relaxin’ at the beach.

I hate feeling nauseous with the onset of heat exhaustion,
when working outside in 105-degree heat.

So as you can see, in response to your query,
Yes, the weather—in fact—does influence me.


Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth


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