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Some Days


Some days I want to just crawl under a rock.
Some days I wish I could flick a switch and turn the world off.
Some days I’m neither here nor there.
Some days I really just don’t care.
Some days I give up, I just want to quit.
Some days I just don’t give a ….
Some days I rage. Some days I vent.
Some days my mind feels like it’s in constant torment.

Some days I want to close the blinds and sit in the dark.
Some days it feels like everything around me falls apart.
Some days I wish I could scream and shout but not be heard.
Some days I want to keep to myself and not utter a word.
Some days I want to cry out: What the hell is wrong with me?
Some days I sit in fear of what the answer could be.
Some days I need a hug. Some days I need a smile.
Some days I just need someone to listen for a while.

Some days I plug into music to ease my mind.
Some days I watch a movie in hopes to pass the time.
Some days I plunge into a book to provide an escape.
Some days I fail to love anything, and all I do is hate.
Some days I want to run away and hide.
Some days a little part of me dies inside.
Some days I laugh. Some days I cry.
Some days are filled with both and I don’t know why.

Some days I feel like a deserted island would be my best home.
Some days I want to be on my own and totally left alone.
Some days I’m full of anger, frustration, and aggression.
Some days I let go of all those but still sink down in depression.
Some days I look in the mirror, and I hate who I see.
Some days I wonder if anyone could ever accept me.

Some days I feel like throwing everything away and calling it quits.
But I know that some day….
One day….
I will get passed all of it, and I won’t feel like this.


Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth


What’s Your Favorite Color and Why? What Do Colors Mean to You?


Orange for this guy. Don’t ask why, it’s not really known.

I think maybe because it looks pretty decent against my skin tone.

It used to be blue; the normal hue. But that was way too popular.

I like being different and unique, and not just another commoner.

Sometimes black. I do like that. It’s great with almost everything.

I like to mix it: black & red, black & orange, and black & green.

I had to let go of black & yellow, much to my heartfelt sorrow.

Because of a song by Wiz Khalifa, it ruined that color combo.


To me, color is vigorously vital, vivacious, vivid, and vibrant.

Without it in the world, it’s like a symphony that was silent.

It’s the lifeblood and liveliness of the essence of life.

Without these kaleidoscopic colors,

Everything would just be

black and white.

Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth

A notebook can be a clear…

A notebook can be a clearing in the forest of your life, a place where you can be alone and content as you play with outrage and wonder, details and gossip, language and dreams, plots and subplots, perceptions and small epiphanies.

Ralph Fletcher

Memorial Day


To those who have defended and fought so that I could be free,

To those who have been shipped out to the desert or lived at sea,

To those who have given greatly and paid the ultimate fee,

To those who have sacrificed heavily to the highest degree,

To those who have lost their lives to war in our country’s military,

To the families that hold their memories and the absence they carry,

We honor you today with this nationally appointed decree,

Memorial Day is to remember you, and I’m sure we all can agree,

Words cannot express the depths in which we wish to thank thee,

So with all respect, honor, and dignity…

We simply stand tall,

and SALUTE thee!


Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth




For whom does it free?

If not for you, then it must be me.

If you never hear it,

It should not make a difference.

If you never read it,

It should not cause a hindrance.

From whom did it cry? It will always be mine.

That’s why.


Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth

Dear Writer

Dear Writer

Ready, Set, Go!


Attitude is flat,
Not happy where I’m at,
I have lean self-esteem, and I’m really wanting to change that.

Looking at me,
Not liking what I see,
I must adjust with no fuss, if I’m to become who I want to be.

Motivation is slacking,
Determination was lacking,
I got to get my rear in gear, it’s time to get cracking.

Weak in mind,
My habits very undefined,
I have to break it to make it, shifting from negative to optimistically inclined.

Changing my mood,
Laziness has been subdued,
I have to fight with all my might, to establish this brand new attitude.

Fixating my aim,
This is no longer a game,
I got my eye on a prize, and it’s not the same.

Stop wasting time,
Get my priorities in line,
I have lots to get done in this run, now is the moment I start the climb.

Vision is clearer,
The time gets nearer,
I got to arrange a change, and it starts with the man in the mirror.

Now I know,
To myself I owe,
I have to begin to win, now… Ready, Set, Go!


Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth

A Quote….

Without death, life is meaningless. It is a story that can never be told. A song that can never be sung. For how would one finish it?

(from Seth Grahame-Smith’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter)

Poetry, Yay or Nay?


I take great liking to writing poetry,
It keeps me true and very well connected,
With my emotions to display openly,
And sometimes comes on when I least expect it.

Some can be serious and some quite playful,
To write to both degrees keeps my mind open,
Non-single-minded nature keeps me stable,
Bringing light to dark, dark to light—I’m hoping.

Take this sonnet as a small, brief example,
Poetic inclination brought this answer,
A simple “yay” would serve, but on I ramble,
To inhabit my coy, poetic manner.

To answer your question: Poetry I “yay,”
It keeps me going, each and every day.


Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth



Striving to meet you again tonight.

Longing to have you surround my world.

Every night, I slip myself into your gentle embrace.

Every morning, I’m grieved to be pulled away.

Perhaps we shall meet again soon…
          maybe an afternoon rendezvous.


Copyright © 2012 Andrew Hildreth